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A Beginner’s Guide to Recycling

Hong Kong generated 5.99 million tonnes of municipal solid waste in 2021, among which 69% was disposed of at landfills – equivalent to almost 1900 swimming pools. Only 31% of the waste was recycled, much lower than Singapore’s 57%. At this rate, it won’t be long before the landfills are filled up.

To stop that from happening, you can play a part in boosting recycling, with recent government policies making it easier than ever.


What can be recycled?


There are nine types of common recyclables:  

  • Paper

  • Metals

  • Plastics

  • Glass bottles

  • Rechargeable batteries

  • Fluorescent lamps and tubes

  • Beverage cartons

  • Small electrical appliances

  • Regulated electrical equipment


Beware that there are things that won’t be accepted for recycling, such as glossy magazine pages, tissues, glass dining wares, rubber products, aerosol cans and mirrors. For a more detailed list of unsuitable items, click here


Where to recycle?



GREEN@COMMUNITY is a recycling network launched by the government which accepts all nine types of recyclables at more than 160 locations across the city. They comprise of:

  • 11 Recycling Stations – district hubs for environmental education and recycling support

  • 36 Recycling Stores – recycling points close to residents in old districts

  • Around 130 Recycling Spots – weekly mobile collection booths

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 12.02.50.png

What’s more, under the GREEN$ Electronic Participation Incentive Scheme, you can take the recyclables to the community recycling network to earn GREEN$ points through the GREEN$ mobile app or GREEN$ CARD and redeem gifts like noodles, seasonings and environmentally friendly products.


2.      Recycling bins


From March 2023, the Environmental Protection Department has started installing Smart Recycling Bins progressively at housing estates, villages, shopping malls, universities, and government venues to support 24-hour self-recycling. The bins automatically measure the weight of recyclables and record electronic bonus points earned through recycling. 


Recycling bins are also available at some private residential estates, but arrangements for different types of recyclables vary. To boost recycling at private estates, the government will submit a bill to the Legislative Council next year to make it mandatory for property management companies managing 100 flats or more to provide recycling facilities at their estates.


Act now!


To start your recycling journey, click here to find the recycling points near your home.

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