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Blue Sky Story

Blue Sky was established with a vision to make blue sky a common view as we look up. Our founding team lives in a dense built-up city, and we know from first-person experience that good air quality is not a given. We also realize for humanity to thrive, it is hugely dependent on a conducive environment. We are committed to work with our clients and partners to bring blue sky back and to live & thrive.


Building Users

Environment Sustainability

Facilities Service

Live &


High Performance Building

Building electricity usage accounts up to 60% of most urban cities' carbon emission as people spent 90% of their time in buildings. By enhancing buildings' performance, Blue Sky strives to construct greener living and working space, thus to reduce our cities' carbon footprint.

Our Resolutions

Blue Sky drives behavioural change with intelligent solutions. We are committed to use innovation to enhance our city buildings' livability.

Monitor building conditions with IoT devices

Asset 3.png

Big data analysis with granular segmentation level

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Human-centric user experience

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Personal engagement programs to encourage behaviour change

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