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Blue Sky SAVE

Signal, Action, VErification & reward

Through "Blue Sky Save", Blue Sky enhances your space and creates a lively community. Through the use of IoT sensors, we monitor and optimize energy usage with behavioural change strategies and intelligent solutions. We drive energy savings and improve indoor health & wellbeing.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things


Icon_Sensor controlled system.png


IOT Sensors

Track your location’s real time energy usage collected by smart meters & identify saving opportunities.

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Behavioural Change

Develop personal engagement initiatives for behavioral change and receive professional savings advisory on long-term cost saving opportunities.

Icon_Artificial intelligence.png


Monitoring & Optimization

Access Blue Sky’s AI-powered analytics remotely from a web dashboard, mobile, or tablet. Receive weekly summaries & alerts on irregular energy usage patterns.

Icon_Remote appliance control.png


Intelligent Solutions

Integrate remote and automatic appliance control with AI optimization, e.g. to turn off your AC remotely through the app.

Blue Sky Guadian app. Energy homepage of the dashboard.

Track from anywhere and anytime in real time

Blue Sky Guardian tracks your location's real time energy usage, as well as usage by day, week, month or year. Easily monitor energy performance of each floor, room, even appliance (AC, light & socket) anywhere.

Control and understand your energy performance easily

Not an engineer? No worries. We translate energy usage into quantifiable units such as money spent and environmental impacts which are more practical and what matters to you.

AI-powered Model

With artificial intelligence, Blue Sky Guardian predicts your future energy usage, known as "budget" so users can easily determine if they have overused energy, thus to change their behaviours.

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