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Improve buildings performance with Blue Sky Energy.

Incentivize people to improve buildings performance

through IoT and data.





Our Solutions

Smart Energy Management

Through the use of IoT sensors, monitoring & optimization, behavioral change strategies and software solutions, we drive energy savings to make high performance buildings a reality.

Indoor Air Quality Management

We spend on average more than 90% of our time indoors, ensuring good indoor air quality is paramount to health. Our air purifier and indoor air quality monitor are designed to make healthy and productive indoor environment a reality.

Comprehensive IoT Platform

Your all-in-one building performance manager

Install light-weight sensors for data collection and deploy software with transparent data and API available for future development and integration.


Deepen user engagement and ongoing project delivery to continuously monitor progress and deliver on values.


Identify opportunities and customize solutions for your community by utilizing our expertise in behavioral change and building technology.


Blue Sky Guardian App

Blue Sky Guardian

Stay in touch with your energy & IAQ performance.

Understand your energy and IAQ performance - no guessing, no bill surprises

Understand weekly and long-term trends with reports

Identify inefficiencies and improve building performance over time

Receive alert notifications and personalized recommendations

Compare across premises to identify improvements and roll out best practices

Reduce your location’s energy bill and sick days




Blue Sky has been a key partner to support K11’s Sustainable Tenancy Pledge. It has demonstrated agility in meeting our tenants needs and truly demonstrated an impact-driven approach to reduce environmental impacts!

Venisa Chu

Senior Manager

Sustainability at New World Development Company Limited



Software Developer / Programmer (Experience or Fresh Grad welcome)

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