• Technical Lead / Technology Manager (Software, Data & IoT)

Blue Sky Energy Technology is a smart space technology company improving the performances of buildings and changing how people behave for good. We are active in 200+ sites including universities, property conglomerates, multinational corporations and major non-profits.

We are very excited to grow and are looking for talents to join us and together scale and achieve more impacts. We offer competitive salary and a highly flexible work environment. Please refer to the detail job descriptions below.


Interested candidates, please send us your resume, start date availability, your current and expected salary to connect@hibluesky.co


Job Highlights

  • Lead R&D and apply latest tech to solve problems

  • Develop and improve technology solutions for building energy saving, air quality and user engagement

  • Work with business team to build and deliver new innovative projects from the very beginning

  • Dynamic team and culture

  • Ongoing development and learning fund available


  • More than 8 years technology project management experience

  • Graduated with a Computer Science/Computer Engineering degree (or related technical discipline)

  • Proven ability to plan, manage and rollout R&D projects

  • Experience in OOP languages such as Java, Python or NodeJS. Preferably knowledge on Ruby

  • Master in web development with experience in web frameworks like Ruby on Rails

  • Familiar with mobile app development such as Flutter or React Native

  • Experience in cloud platform management such as Amazon Web Services

  • Understand server, infrastructure and databases. Familiar with at least one RDBMS such as PostgreSQL

  • Experience in machine learning and its application

  • Understand IoT device communication protocol like Modbus, Zigbee or LoRa

  • Understand standard DevOps process such as CI/CD

  • Ability to articulate technical challenges and solutions

  • Ability to solve problems, reiterate quickly and deliver

  • Adept at handling ambiguous or undefined challenges through abstract thinking

The following skills are big pluses:

  • Know how to integrate with 3rd party external API

  • Understand the ETL process and have worked with near real-time data before

  • Knowledge in energy efficiency and indoor air quality

You will be involved in mission critical projects from day one. Your R&D, design, code, judgment, and raw smarts will contribute to solving technical challenges in the areas of IoT device integration & dataflow, software platform architecture, big data manipulation, machine learning as well as data visualization. You will work with a dynamic team from day one.

All technical challenges Blue Sky encounters are real. If you are up to the task of delivering innovative technology that uses millions of data points to improve efficiency, talk to us.​


  • Technical Lead (Software, Data & IoT Technology

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